Last Call Entertainment is an event planning and promotions company that began at the State University of New York at Fredonia in 2015. We create a platform for musicians to promote their artistic abilities in a medium that is cost efficient for new talent and consumers.


Fredonia State and the town itself, is and has been known for music and art. It is a small place that has housed the beginning of huge successes. Last Call is here to help grow and shape that list. We provide positive and genuine spaces for artists to reach their full potential as well as create an environment that’s cool for everyone else, not just the musicians. We hope to bring that same energy into Buffalo, NY.


The talent here is rich with culture and all instances of it have the same common denominator; expressing art. As a team we will use our abilities, musical and not, to make sure there are endless possibilities to do so.


We promote local music. We promote local art. We promote expression.



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