Last Call's Pick of the Week: joan

Photo by Paul Huenefeld

Art by Harper Fischer

Music tastes change frequently. One day, you’ll be driving to work listening to your favorite Four Year Strong record, and the next you’ll be listening to ‘Four’ by One Direction, because you love the feeling of nostalgia. For myself, I noticed that my music taste had become stagnant. I was only listening to pop punk, emo, and hardcore for weeks on end. While I do love those genres, it can become pretty boring to hear the same thing over and over again. That’s when I found joan.

joan are an indie pop band based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, who have slowly but surely made a name for themselves. The duo, Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford, came from the DIY scene in Little Rock. They were playing in separate bands that played on the same bills so often that the two started to make music together. After they released two singles through some blogs, record label 20xx, reached out and the rest was history. Their music makes you feel like you’re driving along the coast of California while the sun is setting, in your 1980’s convertible. They’re a breath of fresh air in today’s music landscape and I honestly haven’t heard anything like them before when I listened to their song ‘Tokyo’. I was hooked and I became so obsessed with that song that it was the only song I was listening to and that doesn’t happen often for me. It would play in the back of my head while I sat at my desk at work and as soon as I could leave for the night, it was the first thing I would put on when I would get into my car.

When I listen to their music, I feel like I’ve been brought back in time to the late 80s/early 90s, which has helped me fall back in love with modern alternative music. I had buried myself into this hole of the punk/emo music genre for so long that after hearing just one song from joan, I began listening to the indie bands I used to love. I feel like my music taste has been reformed again, just because of this one band. Joan’s most recent record they’ve released, Portra, is out on all streaming platforms, along with some new singles like ‘Drive All Night’ and ‘All the Way.’ Do yourselves a favor and give them a listen. As someone who has ditched indie music from their playlist rotation up until a month ago, you will fall in love with this band and their sound. joan will make you fall in love with pop music again.

Written by Lexi Reyngoudt

You can find joan on their website, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook