Spotify Playlist: Playback the Tapes

Art by: Harper Fischer

Do you ever feel like you're falling behind when it comes to new music? You just can't keep up and you have a little guilt in you for not being on top of your game? Well don't worry, we have those days too. So, to make it easier, we made a little playlist for all those local releases from August 2018 to November 2018 all wrapped up in a pretty bow.

Nudnik - American Nosebleed

Another Song About Rachel - Carpool

Roll Up The Window - Elemantra

You Can Run - Feverbox

Chicago - First Ward

Half Asleep - Ghostpool

Heat Of The Fire - The Good Neighbors

Baby Be Cool - Handsome Jack

Scratch - Hop Hop

Hollywood Is A Weird Place - Hyperview

Keep It Simple - Jorian Holka

Not Finished Yet - Marquee Grand

III. - Matthew Danger Lippman

Mask - New Masons

Robbed Blind - SMUG

Shelves - Space Cubs

Heat Of Summer - Spencer.

Hands Down Olivia - Super American

My Moon Is Always Full - Taking Meds

Bit - West Ferry

Pabst Blue Rhythm - Witty Tarbox

California King - Younger Then