Welcome To Our Spotify

Photo by Brett Ballachino

At Last Call, we felt that it was necessary to open a Spotify account. We can only book so many bands to show off our music taste, so here's our music library. Our first playlist we give to you is called, Songs To Get Us Through The Winter, because it's been a long and hard one. The songs featured on this list are new releases from local bands dating back to November 2018 to today. So give us and the bands a follow!

Strange Things Are Afoot At the Circle K - Alleys

I Don't Care - Brent Martone

Lazy Dazing - The Burkharts

Whitecar Still Wears Jorts - Close Ties

Black Sheep - The Eaves

Feels Bad - Ghostpool

Like a Top - Green Slime

Far Away - Humble Braggers

Space Out - Kill the Clock ft. Greg Kolb

11.8 - Leyda

Anyways - Marigold

Jealous and Cold - New Holiday

Crying in the Carwash - Pendulum Girl

Undeserving - Previous Love

Prom - superficial.

January 8th - Talking In My Sleep

Boulder Soul - The Tins

E.D.M. - Tooth

Pancakes - Velvet Bethany

Lucky One - VR Sunset

Eat My Friends - West Ferry

Perennials - Wild Once